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How to treat hemorrhoids in domestic conditions. Doctor’s advice

The author of the article is a doctor-proctologist, Stanley Akhimsky, MD, PhD

1. Internal hemorrhoids / 2. External hemorrhoids

According to statistics, hemorrhoids (also known as piles) are one of the most frequent conditions in modern-age humans. However, hardly half of the people suffering from them turn to the experts for treatment. The reasons are understandable. Hemorrhoids are sensitive issues, moreover, a lot of people think they’re not even dangerous (which is not true!)

In most cases people get rid of symptoms (such as pain, feeling of discomfort, bleeding) using drugs or folk medicine, and the treatment does not go beyond that. But the hemorrhoids themselves aren’t healed completely and when unfavorable factors occur (such as lifting heavy objects, hypothermia), they reappear and the fight against the symptoms starts afresh, and so on.

However, it is necessary to realize that even if the hemorrhoids don’t hurt, it doesn’t mean that they’ve disappeared and can’t hurt the body anymore! Hemorrhoids don’t sleep, not even in such a state, and they grow gradually. And each recurrence is more and more painful. But that’s not the worst thing…

What’s worse, the hemorrhoids aren’t such a harmless condition as many people seem to think. The bleeding nodes represent a possibility of the toxic substances getting into the blood, subsequently resulting in blood poisoning. Besides, hemorrhoids create favorable conditions for the formation of intestinal polyps that can be transformed into rectal cancer – which is a very unpleasant and dangerous condition.

In order to stop all of this from happening, as well as to prevent inflammation processes of the hemorrhoidal nodes, it is necessary to remove not only the hemorrhoids’ symptoms, but the hemorrhoids themselves, as well. How should they be treated then? There’s a large number of hemorrhoids treatment products nowadays, however, few of them are sufficiently effective. I started to prescribe HemorrhoSTOP cream for my patients.

This cream appeared quite recently, but even for such a short time it became really popular. I’m not exaggerating when I say that its high effectivity sparked a small revolution among the hemorrhoid treatment products. Many doctors started using it as a basic method of treating the hemorrhoids.

Not only does the cream rapidly remove the symptoms of the condition (pain and the feeling of discomfort caused by hemorrhoids disappear just a few minutes after application), but it also normalizes the blood circulation in the pelvic area and strengthens the rectal walls, which prevents new nodes from forming (because weakening of the muscles is exactly the cause of formation and growth of hemorrhoids). Upon undergoing the treatment by this cream they recede completely and do not recur anymore. This cream may be used also for the treatment of rectal fissures.

The average duration time of the hemorrhoids’ treatment by this cream , based on the stage, is 1-2 weeks. Hemorrhoids in their early stage pass away in а few days, the pain recedes in a few minutes and the bleeding stops in a few hours. The long-term effectiveness of this cream is also a big plus. If the hemorrhoids are in their early stage, it is enough to apply the cream just once in 24 hours. In more advanced stages it is recommended to apply twice a day оr more.

The HemorrhoSTOP cream is not expensive and is financially available for everyone.

Forget all your problems with hemorrhoids!

You can get more detailed information on HemorrhoSTOP cream at the official website.

Bear in mind that hemorrhoids, just like any other condition, can most easily be cured in their initial stage. Do not take them lightly, take care of your health, otherwise you can damage it easily and only regain it with huge effort!


Martina -

Thank you for the advice. It’s a very topical subject for me at the moment. I’ve already ordered the cream, and I even got a discount. They have discounts now. Nearly twice as cheap. Delivery within a week, they say

Zora -

It really is an excellent cream. I can honestly say it saved me after giving birth. The nodes disappeared within a few days.

Dennis -

The doctor prescribed it for me too. I can’t praise it enough! Hemorrhoids disappeared within 5 days. I applied it every day, exactly as the instructions said. Since then there has been no trace of hemorrhoids, and that’s after more than 8 months have passed. I also got really cold while working at a construction site and I carry heavy burdens every single day.

Simona -

Thanks (It’s just the thing I need. For my family first aid kit, just in case)

Victoria Stephens -

I agree with the author as well as with all the comments. The cream is amazing! I can honestly say it saved my husband. Thanks to it he didn’t have to undergo surgery, the nodes disappeared in less than a month. And most importantly, there have been no symptoms since then! I hope it stays that way!

Michael D. -

I’m over 30 and hemorrhoids have been bothering me for several years now. I’ve seen the doctor about it a few times, it was unpleasant and didn’t help much. I took pills, applied creams. There was some improvement, but only for a short period of time. The HemorrhoSTOP cream was delivered to me by mail 2 weeks ago. Hemorrhoids haven’t bothered me since then. I can’t believe that for 3 years I was wasting money, suffering from pain and wrecking my nerves.

Vallery -

I heard about the cream on a TV show. Doctors only talked about it in superlatives. They even had tested it at some Swiss or German clinic. They said it helps at any stage. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m about to order it.

N.N. -

I drive cars for a living and hemorrhoids are my occupational condition. My wife bought this cream on the internet, I have tried it and it helped almost immediately. I couldn’t even believe something like that was possible. It’s the best remedy for truck drivers.

Paul -

+ 500 Excellent, not very expensive remedy that actually helps.

Lydia -

Amazing, effective cream. It doesn’t cost much and, compared to other products, in my case it’s actually nearly for free. It was delivered to me in 3 days. I could feel the improvement right after I applied it. Today it’s been three days since I started using it and the pain is gone. I feel good, my impression is very positive.

MaxxMaxx -

The cream is super! Thanks for informing me about such magical remedy.

Stanley -

Thanks for the advice. I’ve already ordered the cream.

Lilly -

It’s a great product, finally I’ve found something that actually helps. After my second birth I fought this nightmare for 5 years day and night. The horror that’s coming over me when I think of all the pain! And not to mention the money wasted on treatment that never helped. But now it’s all in the past!

Victor Paulie -

The cream I ordered was delivered quickly. It smells nice and is applied easily. But the most important thing is that it helps. I’ve been enjoying my life again for a week. I sit, I walk, I drive, I work, no problem. I have almost forgotten the pain. Thank you very much!